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Spring according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Spring is here!

The philosophical thought of Taoism is the Chinese philosophical thought that serves as the basic foundation for the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The style of thinking is logical, simple and natural, where it is considered that people should keep in harmony with the natural order of the earth, of the Universe, in order to live in good health. Therefore, it is important to be in harmony with the environment in which we live in order to avoid possible illnesses caused by imbalance with external and climatic factors.

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For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, we have just entered spring, the season of birth and its subsequent growth, development and expansion. Precisely because of these characteristics we can take advantage of the energy of spring to do all kinds of therapies related to movement, whether to unblock physical or emotional energies.

The five elements of TCM

The five elements of TCM
The five elements of TCM

From the five-element approach of TCM, spring represents the Wood element and the most active organ during this season is the liver, which has the quality of rising and expanding energy, just like nature. Thus, the energy of the Liver is very active and we can benefit from it to balance the mood changes or irritability that can appear during this period. It is also possible to improve the typical discomforts of spring such as spring asthenia (fatigue due to the change of season) or spring allergies.

Spring nutrition according to TCM

Of course, we cannot forget about food, which can benefit or harm our health. It is advisable to avoid acidic flavours such as citrus fruits (lemons, oranges) and eat more seasonal foods, fruits and vegetables from the region where we are.

How can Traditional Chinese Medicine help you?

Acupuncture, acupressure, auriculotherapy, moxibustion, cupping, dietary therapy.

Since the treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have a holistic vision, it is necessary to make a personalised study of each person in order to decide which of all the techniques we can use.

Acupuncture is available to treat various types of imbalances. For those who do not like needles, we can use massage on acupuncture points (acupressure) or through ear point stimulation, a technique called auriculotherapy. We also have moxibustion treatment, a mugwort cigar that we use to apply heat to some acupuncture points in order to tonify the person’s energy. The use of cupping is very useful for all kinds of muscular pains and inflammations, it is used a lot for all kinds of back pain. And of course we do not forget to take into consideration the situation of the person and the time of the year, in order to make dietary recommendations from a TCM point of view.

Finally, take advantage of the good weather to be outdoors, enjoy nature and get in tune with the environment to boost our immune system.

Happy spring!

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