Ethel Brooks

Ethel Books Acupuntor

My name is Ethel brooks. I am a practitioner of Chinese Medicine in the Namur region and in Madrid, specializing in treatments using different techniques such as needles, moxa, suction cups, acupressure and Chinese massage. I also practice aesthetic acupuncture for face and abdominal lifting.

I studied business administration and did a Master’s degree in Public Health in order to dedicate myself to development cooperation projects in health and education. I worked for 25 years in this sector as a project manager in Latin American, African and Asian countries.

Dr. Anton Jayasuriya
Dr. Jayasuriya

It was during a working trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka, following the tsunami in the Pacific in 2005, that I had the chance to meet the prestigious Physician and Acupuncturist, Dr. Anton Jayasuriya, Director of the Centre for Alternative Medicine in Colombo.

Three years earlier I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a chronic autoimmune disease. Desperate with the deterioration of my health and the lack of medical control of my disease, I decided to seek treatment from Dr. Jayasuriya. The result of the acupuncture treatment was so beneficial that I decided to train in acupuncture at the Alternative Medicine Centre in Colombo, initially to maintain my health.

Shortly afterwards, I extended my studies to 4 more years at the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Madrid with a Certificate of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition to including acupuncture as the main technique, this training includes, among others, the use of moxibustion techniques, Chinese massage, suction cups and Chinese herbal medicine.

A holistic vision

Yin y Yang

I practice Chinese Medicine as a natural and holistic therapy, used as a preventive therapy, or to relieve discomfort, and to help restore the body’s energy balance by improving the state of personal well-being. This practice can naturally be complemented by Western Medicine.

From a holistic point of view, I see us as part of a whole, where our health and well-being is directly influenced by a series of internal and external factors.

During the course of a session, I measure the context of life with current and past ailments, while including different parameters such as the professional and family environments, the character of the person, as well as his or her lifestyle.

El Yin y el Yang

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes the theory of yang and yin which was conceived by the philosopher Fu-Hi 700 years before our era. The Tao was conceived as a representation of this conception. Yang and yin represent two inseparable, opposed and interdependent sources of energy. This philosophical doctrine views the universe as two opposing forces that follow one another in a continuous undulating movement.

Les cinq éléments de la Médecine Chinoise

The distribution of yang and yin has the same relationship in man and in the universe. Thus, the human body is composed of yang and yin energy in the different energetic elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) that make up us as a whole.

This energy is interconnected, interdependent and mutually nourishing. This interaction is represented in the five elements graph. Maintaining the energy balance in each of these elements is essential for maintaining health.