What is Qi Gong?

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Qi Gong

Qi Gong is the art of healing through breathing and movement. It is the work of the respiration that makes the improvement of health possible, in other words, it is the art or the ability to maintain health from the respiration.

It is probably the most ancient art of the Oriental tradition included today as one of the techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

“Ba Han Sheng” Qi Gong towards healing

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This style of Qi Gong is marked by the identity of one or more words that give the guide, the reference and the intention of the movement, for the stimulation of self-healing.

It is a way of adapting to the environment in order to develop an attitude of exchange and osmosis with the environment, with the universe in which we are. It is the art of tuning in, the art of vibrating with the frequency of nature. Its practice allows an adaptation that makes possible the evolution and maintenance of a good health.

The healing Qi Gong , is an unique and very particular style of the art of the energetic movement. It is very different from the traditional Qi Gong. It is the result of the research and development of the art of healing through the movement of the vital breath. This emerges in Tian Spain since 2005 , the headquarters of the Neijing School in Cuenca. This School is a Centre for the Study and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Benefits of Qi Gong towards healing “Ba Han Sheng”

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Ethel Brooks Qi Gong

The expression of Qi Gong as an artistic and beautiful act allows us to adapt with pleasure and consequently develop the mechanisms of health that promote life, because it has been identified and synchronised with the whole environment.

The three basic elements for the realization of Qi Gong as an element of healing are:

  • Smooth and conscious breathing;
  • Movement in search of beauty;
  • The intention of the word or words that vibrate and guide specific movements.

Travelling Qi Gong


The Neijing School – Tian – has also developed another type of Qì Gong “Ba Han Sheng” called Travelling Qi Gong. This style has been developed as a result of research, experience and practice over the years. Like the healing Qi Gong, it has no history. It emerges from the knowledge and Mastery of the founder and director of the school, Dr. Jose Luis Padilla Corral, its name in Chinese is “Ba Han Sheng”.

In travelling Qi Gong, one takes a journey that involves the entire energy body, in the search for a balanced expression of beauty. In each Qi Gong there are new movements with components of developing balance, coordination of breathing and movement, where beauty and elegance play an important role. Contrary to the healing Qi Gongs that are seated, the travelling Qi Gongs are generally initiated sitting and most of the movements are done standing.

How does a “Ba Han Sheng” Qi Gong session take place?

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Ethel Brooks practica el Qi Gong de sanación como una técnica holítica de la Medicina Tradicional China

The healing Qi Gong is done sitting either on a chair, a zafu, a meditation bench or on the floor. The movements of the arms, body and head are coordinated with the breath. The movements are smooth and harmonious.

The travelling Qi Gong is initiated sitting down, just like the Qi Gong of healing. The difference is that afterwards one goes on to do the movements standing up, at the beginning in one place and then moving around. The movements of the whole body, arms and legs, together with the body and the head are coordinated to the rhythm of the breathe. The movements are smooth and elegant. It ends in a sitting position.


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