Yin y Yang

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers Chinese massage to be an effective technique for many complaints.


Ethel BROOKS Chinese massage

Chinese massage or Tui Na is one of the techniques used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a therapy to treat various complaints and preserve health.

This technique consists of performing movements and stimulating areas of the body, key acupuncture points or meridians with the hands. Its function is to balance energy, activate energy, unblock the meridians and tone the body. This is possible because the technique allows the circulation of blood and energy (Qi).

You have at your disposal very specific manipulation techniques to restructure the musculoskeletal relations and ligaments. It is recommended in cases of joint pain and disease, muscle contractures, to improve blood circulation, restore energy, eliminate toxins, tone the skin, release stress, increase the overall energy of the whole body.

The massage begins with gentle movements and the intensity of pressure and movement increases as the session progresses. It ends with a relaxing massage.